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About Us

Hello! My name is Brooke and I an the creator and owner of Troll Gardens LLC, Troll Meds, and Troll Marketplace. I started Troll Meds in 2018 to help people obtain their much needed plant based relief at an affordable price. My journey with CBD began in 2016 when my 4 year old lab/shar pei mix had a seizure. Not wanting to use the pharmaceutical route for treatment I sought after a natural solution and found that many were treating canine seizures with CBD. I found a local supplier and the CBD worked day 1. However, as his dosage needed increasing, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up with the cost. I searched for and found that I could get bulk isolate from Colorado at a better price and treat my little buddy. With extra isolate I made beeswax creams that friends and family loved for treatment of aches and pains. Our first farmer market was in February 2018 and over the next year and a half we grew, solely by word of mouth and Facebook, to opening our retail location in September 2019. Troll Marketplace houses all the goods of a farmer market and gift shop. We currently have over 20 local vendor products there and are continuing to grow. New ideas and concepts to deliver “fresh and local” to our community will continue, and goals to create jobs and do as much giving back to the community and paying-it-forward as possible.

Troll Meds products are all natural. I use simple, natural ingredients and make small batches to ensure dosing accuracy. I currently have over 20 products available for people and pets ranging from topicals to oils to bath and beauty products. It has been a rough road with lack of state guidelines and legality over the years but never backed away from my goal of making CBD treatments and products affordable for any budget. I have lowered my prices twice since conception as my costs went down to make sure that, unlike pharmaceuticals, CBD can be purchased by anyone in need.

As a one-woman-show, I do my best to reply to each message personally and provide the best information and products possible. My family helps me out at the shop and at markets, but products are 100% made by me right here in Vicksburg, MI. As I continue to grow I hope to streamline processes and eventually hire an assistant! Thanks to all of my wonderful friends and clients who have been kind enough to trust my advice and try my products. I appreciate your continued support and all the recommendations and referrals you send me. Thank you!

Be sure to check out all of my pages on here as there’s always lots going on at the store, in the community, new products, customer reviews, and new research and information of cannabis treatment. And remember you can always contact me with questions here, at markets, on our FB page, by email, or calling the store at 269-475-5586 M-F 1:30-6pm and Sat 11-3pm.